Peta Wilson

The scanning continues. I loved this shoot at Tamarama Beach in 1992 HMU Kela Wong. I felt Peta was pretty special and the girl has gone places. She was just a lovely person to be around.

Juste pour Rire

One thing leads to another. An editorial shoot I did for Montreal Magazine about a comedy club led to being contacted by Just for Laughs to shoot every comedian either just before or just after their act at a studio set up backstage at Theatre St. Denis. It was stressful but a lot of fun. I am slowly retracing images as it was shot on transparency film, in short, there was everyone from comedy in the 80s and 90s. When I first came to Sydney in 1995 I bumped into Emo Phillips doing a beach walk. He put me on the door for his show and for years after I was still on the door at the comedy club. During Covid they seem to have bumped me off their list!

Here he is Ernie Butler The portrait that linked me to Just for Laughs, taken on polaroid instant B+W slide film. It came in a roll as 35mm film and was processed on the spot through a special hand-cranked machine. Amazing.

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Style Magazine with Editor Marilyn Morley

One of the best collaborations has been with Marilyn Morley, lover of trends and concepts. The portrait of her was done on film using an anamorphic lens for the distortion.The first two were covers while the second are part of an underwear feature in the Underground with model Nadine Lord. As I find the info on the other shoots I will add the details. 

We love Eve Salvail whether the model, actress or DJ - one of those people who just does stuff - well.

On this shoot she had just been in London for the first time and was saying how unpleasant everyone was. Half way through the shoot she looked at Marilyn and me and said ‘you talk funny, what’s that accent?’ We had to confess we were both born in England, after a big laugh we got along even better. all images © 2023

More film from the archives.

Analiesse on the bridge - An unexpected shoot in about 1991 with Analiese styled by Kerry Grima HMU Kela Wong

This was for ads to promote the beginnings of craft beer brand St Ambroise. They were a start-up fo model Lydia and myself were paid with a literal truckload of beer. I threw a big party in the studio with the ‘Wall of Beer’ ca. 1990




In this era I did lot’s of shooting for the local designer labels like Marie St Pierre, C’est ma Mere Qui m’Habille, Many sold through the boutique Revenge in Montreal. I seem to like contrast and a bit of grain or the era did. First is Montreal Magazine with Catherine,  second and third I’m not yet positive. Fourth  is Nadine Lord wearing Andrea Stark.

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PULP magazine

Sorting through the archives and found this quirky shoot styled by @PettaChua (I’ll add the other credits as I continue digging) Some shoots just have a little extra magic.

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Kashmiri - 1st shoot of 2022

After many months with almost no shoots in 2021 the new year has started auspiciosly with a great shoot in the first wek and others booked in the coming weeks. Miki was great and is off to London in two days to pursue her acting career.

  • Miki Davis - model
  • Felicity Smith - makeup and hair
  • Dora Vagenas - stylist

all images © 2023

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