Style Magazine with Editor Marilyn Morley

One of the best collaborations has been with Marilyn Morley, lover of trends and concepts. The portrait of her was done on film using an anamorphic lens for the distortion.The first two were covers while the second are part of an underwear feature in the Underground with model Nadine Lord. As I find the info on the other shoots I will add the details. 

We love Eve Salvail whether the model, actress or DJ - one of those people who just does stuff - well.

On this shoot she had just been in London for the first time and was saying how unpleasant everyone was. Half way through the shoot she looked at Marilyn and me and said ‘you talk funny, what’s that accent?’ We had to confess we were both born in England, after a big laugh we got along even better. all images © 2023

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